Software development services tailored for your needs

Trinoks Software offers your organization a great potential thanks to its experience since 2002 and qualified engineering staff. Trinoks employs an expert engineering cadre which is not only able to use extensively Windows application technologies but also uses a wide range of 3rd party development tools. Utilized technologies vary depending on the requirements of the project. Client server or web based applications may be implemented for different needs and various purposes. Trinoks adapts to ever-changing technology and latest developments on the field. Therefore, we constantly update our technological infrastructure as well as our tools. The special software developed by Trinoks is being used for different purposes in many areas in production enterprises, warehouses, stores and offices.



Definition of requirements, project analysis, documentation, code development, test and deployment... 


Ability to integrate with other software, data and operation coherence...


Living, growing software turning into sustainable value through maintenance and support deals...


Infrastructure architecture for your needs

Every organization has its proper methods and operations. Although there is a plethora of software solutions in the market, it is nigh impossible to find one which is adequate for every need. In specific cases it more cost effective and effective to outsource an expert software company. Vecsoft software has been offering its clients customized solutions as well as package products. These softwares are in use for production, logistics, storage, office, sales, security, data monitoring, reporting and many other purposes.

All progress is made adopting a project management approach and every phase completed is a product of needs/plans. Windows technologies are generally employed for customization projects. Also various 3rd party tools are included to the framework. Despite we are not bound by any limitations, local organizations prefer Visual Studio due to familiarity and frequent use. Decisions such as which tools, platform and technologies to use, are taken jointly during analysis meetings with the organizations. Thanks to Vecsoft experience, we make necessary suggestions and warnings then leave the choice to valuable IT managers.

In addition to all these, project consultancy, documentation, database design consultancy, software development consultancy, special resource allocation are stand alone the services that Vecsoft provides.



ERP Systems

Master data, product identification, orders, stock information, quality information...

Inhouse Softwares

Shipment operations, delivery note,consignment note, customer and inventory details...

Automation Systems

Konveyör, sorting, otomatik okuma ve etiketleme, ışıklı ve sesli sistemler...

Ready for integration
Integration flexibility with various 3rd party software and automation systems

Thanks to specially developed software has the feature of being integrated with all ERP system software used in the sector. Ready for SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, IFS, Micro. Also easily integrated with in house software solutions.

In addition to this type of software automation, sensors and equipment already in use can be rendered ready to share instant information and also control these systems.

Some of our reference projects regarding this solution may be found below. Please visit "Projects" page to see all references and projects.

Arkas Holding A.Ş.

Arkas Holding A.Ş.

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Eczacıbaşı - Vitra

Eczacıbaşı - Vitra

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Me-Par Nakliyat

Me-Par Nakliyat

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