Turkey's First Fixed Assets Management System

Owno® Fixed Assets Tracking System was designed by experts in the field in 2002 considering the immediate and future needs of the sector and developed after 1 year of R & D work. This software is a product of 100% local resources and Turkish engineers. It has the capability to adapt all supply structures especially in domestic markets. General objectives and benefits of the system are: tracking a large number of fixed assets in the digital environment via barcodes in a single office or multiple distributed offices, tracking processes and fixtures to provide traceability, elimination of situations such as loss/theft, preventing overall loss of time and easily access to data or to provide summarized reports.



Cards, categories, users, locations, contracts, companies etc. relationships and authorizations...  


Identifying each fixed asset with a unique barcode or RFID. Tracking it in the system...


Appropriation of fixed assets to one or more people and follow-up approval...


In-system automatic messages, status update notifications, user notifications, auto email...


Separate depreciation calculation and aggregate reporting for each individual asset according to IFRS and Tax Method Legislation (Turkish Tax Law) methods...


Identifying all locations where assets are located in the system and associating them with fixtures...


Tracking the assets leaving the organization due to maintenance, repair etc.


Detailed report screens for all transactions and instant situations related to fixtures and depreciation...


Creatin dependence between assets and ensuring that they move together...


Authorization on the basis of operation and execution of these operations based on approvals...


Instant enumeration/counting via mobile application, information monitoring, planned inventory, ability to generate differential reports...  


Summarized report interfaces for fixed assets and processes, momentary status updates with graphic reports, LCD and mobile dashboard applications...



User friendly
Flexible, easy-to-use interfaces

The Owno® Fixed Asset Management System has smart screens and shortcuts that allow you to quickly and accurately perform all operations related to your inventory. Thanks to the development technologies in use , all transactions and reporting are effortless.

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Owno®Fixed Asset Management System, Microsoft C# on Microsoft Visual Studio .Developed in .NET encoding language with Angular and Web Services technologies. Supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Owno® Asset Tracking System, which is developed and used with Web Based architecture, has Responsive Desktop and Mobile interfaces. The main identifications, parameter settings, rules and algorithms are managed by admin users on these interfaces. Depending on the rules in the system, transactions such as enumerations, displacement etc. are carried out with the help of mobile interfaces on industrial mobile devices. Owno® Fixed Assets Tracking System ensures that the transactions are performed in a controlled and complete manner thanks to the rules created for all transactions.

The Owno® Fixed Assets Tracking System aims to ensure that all transactions in the inventory follow-up process are carried out perfectly in a digital environment and provide historical traceability to all transactions. Detailed and summarized reports may be reached by users depending on their authorisation levels. A part from the display generated reports, notifications for pre-defined steps/phases to users by an auto-generated e-mail or in-system messaging are among standard features of Owno® Fixed Assets Tracking System. Furthermore special dashboard designs and summary information of the total inventory can be displayed instantly and summaried information can be generated for smart phones and tablets thanks to the special mobile applications.


Mobile counting
Barcode processing near assets

The Owno® Fixed Assets Tracking System features smart mobile and fixed interfaces that allow operators to quickly and accurately perform all required operations on site. Operations within the organization can be done via mobile and desktop fixed screens. 

Asset Counting (Standard) 
Relocation (Standard)
Information display  (Standard) 
Asset Entry/Exit (Optional) 
Debit Changes (Optional) 
Status Change (Optional) 
Check-in/Check-out (Optional) 
Label Printing (Optional) 
Attachment (Optional) 

Market independent
The most flexible platform for the management of all your fixed assets

The OWNO Asset Management System can meet the needs of businesses of different sizes. From the management of very limited number of office fixtures in an office, to the management of numerous fixtures of multi-location organizations, with highly categorized inventories. The OWNO Fixed Asset Management System helps you to manage your assets without interrupting your processes and saving you time thanks to many modules and functional features. For organizations of great headcounts, It is especially troublesome to enumerate the fixtures, to run the analysis of counting results, determining the missing/excess materials. This requires allocation of many resources for a considerable amount of time. The OWNO Fixed Asset Management System is a 100% locally sourced software developed to save you from this long process.



The rate of capability without additional software development

Mobile (Android)90%

Online and stable asset operations with mobile devices, mobility


Ability to adapt to different asset management operations without the need for software development

Trend Technologies100%

Level of compatibility with current industry, hardware and software technologies

Special Demands10%

Developing according to special requests on a project basis


Thanks to OWNO Fixed Asset Management System, you can carry out all of your fixtures with barcodes or RFID control. The application is parametric in terms of platform and can respond to the needs of business processes of very different companies without differentiating the sector. After starting to use OWNO, every new fixture will follow a procedure. This process includes entering the information of the asset into the system, printing the label and transferring it to the relevant location along with the debit/charge documents. In the application, assets are identified by fixing the inventory code and the special barcode label containing the inventory number of the product on each asset. Likewise, physical locations of the assets are also identified with the barcode (rooms, floors, warehouses, etc.). Afterwards, the inventory of these assets can be made a simple scan of the barcode labels via hand terminals gaining a lot of time and effort. If a wireless network is available in the area of application, the system executes the count control and reporting instantaneously.

The OWNO Fixed Asset Management System stores all of your assets' lifetime data and enables you to report them easily at any time. It helps you to reach all reports related to the fixed assets you need at the end of a term or momentarily. OWNO is designed to help you quickly access information such as status, serial numbers, colors, sizes, location, in whose possession they are, billing information, depreciation calculations, leasing and insurance information. In the ever increasing inventory of computer and computer equipment, it is quite challenging to store information regardins cards, RAM capacities, screen sizes etc. So the system enables you to add dynamic features for every asset. OWNO reduces this effort with an unlimited number of feature inputs depending on each fixed asset.

OWNO Asset Management System, is not used only within the borders of Turkey but many neighboring countries like Russia. With its multi-language infrastructure it is global software. The system has a messaging platform and automatic e-mail feature, which allows you to get any desired data automatically at any time.



ERP Systems

Master data, inventory cards, purchase transactions, suppliers, depreciation information...

Human Resources Software

In the case of dismissal verification of misappropriated inventory control, debit/charge annulment...

Ready for integration
Can be integrated with a lot of external software

OWNO has the ability to integrate with all ERP system software used in the industry. Ready for SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, IFS, Micro. Also easily integrated with in house software solutions.

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Easy reporting
Numerous details and summary reports

Owno® Asset Tracking System has a large number of reports and graphical interfaces featuring detailed and summarized information about all transactions in your fixed assets management process. Thanks to the specially designed screens and dashboards, this information can be made available on the mobile devices.

The Owno® Asset Management System records all transactions instantly and allows them to be reported in detail. Owno® has a rich report infrastructure for all your fixed assets such as, entry, exit, debit/charge, maintenance delivery, location change, barcode change and all other operations. All of the list and report screens have an in-depth filtering feature, which allows you to generate different reports by applying multiple filtering on the same screen. Furthermore they also have detailed report interfaces to help you access detailed depreciation data. The unique barcode label for fixed assets allows you to get a full traceability report. If you prefer to list the data in the application instead of a report, the Owno® Asset Tracking System provides an infrastructure for you to create your custom lists. Thanks to the "Custom Query Lists" screen, system users can create their own queries. The product of these queries can be exported in 8 different formats such as Word, Excel, PDF etc.

The Owno® Asset Tracking System has the general purpose of ensuring that all transactions in the inventory follow-up process are carried out perfectly in a digital environment and provide traceability for all transactions. Detailed and summarized reports may be reached by users depending on their authorisation levels. In addition to the reports available on computer screens, automatic report submissions or in-system message notifications in email format for specific business steps and situations are among Owno® Fixed Asset Tracking System's standard features. Furthermore, special dashboard designs and summary information of the total inventory can be displayed instantly also summary information can be obtained via smart phones and tablets thanks to the special mobile applications.


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