Integrated Order Management System Solution

AxionBlade® SOS order management system was analysed in 2012 following the needs of the sector. It was developped firstly as module for WMS software however it became a stand-alone order management solution. This software is a product of 100% local resources and Turkish engineers. It has the capability to adapt all supply structures especially in domestic markets. The main purposes of the system are: following purchase orders, instantaneous delivery tracking, acceleration of receiving goods by label management before dispatch, augmenting overall efficiency of main processes, collecting the relevant data in order to generate summarized reports. 



Generating order calendar, tracking open orders by the calendar... 


Purchase order generation, automatic supplier notification, online order confirmation...


Automatic order e-mails, status update notifications, user notifications...


Supplier order reception, statuts updates generated from dispatch data, anticipated receiving of goods...


Identification for suppliers, materials and order types, granting authorisation for users...


Detailed reporting interfaces for all processes and orders, report notifications...


Packing generation, product/package based label generation, laser or bar code support...


Accept, delay or rejection process of purchase orders for suppliers...


Summarized report interface, momentary status updates with graphic reports, LCD and mobile dashboard applications...



Web Based
Easy to reach from any where

AxionBlade® SOS Order management system has smart web interfaces enabling users to run their operations quickly and efficiently. Suppliers and companies only need an internet connection in order to reach their orders.

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AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System, Microsoft C# on Microsoft Visual Studio .Developped with Web Services technologies using ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and in .NET language. Supports Microsoft SQL Server data base. Developped and operated in web based architecture AxionBlade® SOS Order Management System has the ability to run on web browsers. Main identifications, parameter settings, rules and algorithms are managed by admin users on these interfaces. Depending on the rules, operations run by the suppliers are again managed by using these interfaces either on mobile or fixed devices. AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System, has an operational structure completely based on orders. Control and exploitation of the system can be made by itself 

AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System, aims to ensure flawless execution of all the digital steps of ordering procedure. It also tracks past and present operations for the sake of traceability. Detailed and summarized reports may be reached by users depending on their authorisation levels. Apart from the display generated reports, auto-generated e-mail sending for specified steps/phases and in-system messaging are standard features of AxionBlade® SOS Order Management System. In addition to all this, custom made dasboard designs enable users to monitor KPIs and operations summary on vairous platforms such as LCD displays, smartphones or tablets.

For effortless receiving of goods
Application that shortens the supply and goods receiving durations

AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System is a Web based software developped in order to eliminate time loss during receiving of goods, to mitigate timing problems of purchase orders /supply issues and to trace materials. The application runs on the servers of the companies and grants acces for suppliers with a user name and password. All identifications and rules may be set by company admin users. Suppliers may used it within the scope of authorisation. AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System, optimizes the supply process by ensuring instant order transfer to supplier and correct labeling of good before dispatch.

As this system may be integrated to existing ERP systems, it can automatically extract main identification data. Thus it is able to track/manage orders opened in ERP system. AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System sends an instantenous e-mail to the supplier for every purchase order. Supplier acces is made with appropriate user authentication. After having monitored and accepted the order, it is ready to process. When all the orders are prepared, suitable labels based on package type are printed and stuck on goods. AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System reports preparation steps of the goods when they are in supplier charge. 



ERP Systems

Master data, product identification, orders, suppliers...

Inhouse Softwares

Custom purchase software, purchase rules and processes...

WMS Systems

Anticipated goods receiving records, good receiving processes, label formats...

Ready for integration 
Integration flexibility with various 3rd party software and automation systems

AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System is capable of integrating with all the ERP software on the market. Ready for SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, IFS, Micro. Also easily integrated with in house software solutions.

In addition to these software AxionBlade® SOS Supplier Order Management System offers quick integration with various logistics software and applications already in use.

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